What’s YOUR One Book?



booksecret.org is now public!  Take the booksecret challenge and send us a pic of you holding the one book you would share with the world (and 7 words describing why you chose that book).

See what others have posted, and challenge your friends and family to post as well.

Put some pins on our map and share your reads with the world!

Hoppy Spring!


Bunny Ears

Hoppy spring from the Marketing & Programming Department at Davenport Public Library.  After a brutal winter with wind chill temperatures of -50 degrees Fahrenheit or worse, we couldn’t contain our excitement about spring temperatures any longer.  Clearly bunny ears were in order.  Thanks to everyone who has participated in booksecret.  We hope to see more of you during the seasons to come.

The World According to booksecret


We have had almost 20,000 views since we started booksecret a few months ago, but our visitors have surprised us.  Who knew that Macao would be one of our top 10 visiting countries?  Or that we’d be so popular in the Faroe Islands?  Below is a graphic of the flags we are celebrating here at booksecret, with those who visit us the most frequently at the top.  Our thanks go out around the world from our corner of Iowa.  Thanks to our top international participants, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.  Hopefully we will some day have a booksecret photo from all of the countries that are visiting us.

Flags of booksecret